Our School

Our School

Raast School has now flourished into a three building community in Qayyumabad (Karachi, Pakistan) where children receive quality education in an English medium environment. The Raast School provides teaching facilities for 350 children from Nursery to Matric. It has been accredited as an English Medium school. The school is equipped with two libraries, a science laboratory and a playground to provide students with a productive and stimulating learning environment. We have students and staff from all faiths and ethnicities who learn to live together and tolerate each other.

Our Aims




Our Results

Our students are all high achievers with results ranging from A1 – B grades in Matric. 14 batches of matric classes have graduated with exceptional results. All students including girls go on to college and technical education. We encourage a zero tuition policy and the pass marks within school tests and exams is 60% instead of the usual 33%.

Our Teachers

All our staff are from the local community and have been with us for years. Teacher training is an integral part of our system.  We facilitate medical treatment and much more which is available to staff and students as well as for locals from the community.


Our children have gone on to join the forces such as the army, navy, air force and police. Our female alumni are nurses, teachers, assistants at front desks in offices and coaches at tuition centers. Some have some small businesses that they operate from home. We have also employed our students into the school as teachers to build a spirit of community service in Qayyumabad. Our recent graduates have also gone on to pursue further degrees in Architecture and Physiotherapy.

Holistic student development

Ensure a high quality education

Empower a community