Community Programs

Vocational Program

In order to improve and empower the surrounding community, the school also operates as a vocational center offering skill development classes to women of the community to enhance their income generation. Classes include:

  • Sewing and pattern cutting classes for daily and formal wear
  • Salon services classes
  • Professional / bridal mehndi (henna) application
  • Cooking classes for catering purpose

Ration Drive

All staff and students are given packs of ration on a monthly basis sufficient for a month’s supply which includes milk, sugar, flour, rice etc to aid nutrition. Fruit is given twice a week to the younger children.

Awareness Drive

Tarbiat (prevention of child abuse),  and social issues like water conservation and much more are inculcated into our weekly syllabus. We hold regular seminars for the women of the area on Breast Cancer awareness along with other social and female related issues. We take part in local community issues like garbage control, horticulture, community medical training, and much more. Once a year our staff and students contribute from their own towards the Blind center or any other important issue. They must learn that there is always someone who is needier than them and we must all learn to give to the community we live in.

Holistic student development

Ensure a high quality education

Empower a community

Educate a women. Educate a generation.